LCD、OLED、IPS、TFT、SLCD、AMOLED、ULED What are these display technologies?

日期: 2018-09-06
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Now mainstream screens can be classified into LCD and OLED. Any other screen (such as iPhone's IPS screen, Samsung's AMOLED screen, SLCD screen) that belongs to these two types of extensions.

LCD、OLED、IPS、TFT、SLCD、AMOLED、ULED What are these display technologies? 

LCD stands for passive display screen and OLED stands for active display screen. LCD relies on LED/CCFL backlight to illuminate, but OLED is active illumination. It can be understood that each pixel of the OLED screen is a small light bulb, while the LCD is a large light bulb placed behind the blinds. From this point of view, OLEDs are more competitive than LCDs in terms of thickness and contrast.

It is generally believed that OLEDs are technically more advanced than LCDs, but the development of OLEDs is still immature, and the adoption of LCDs is relatively common.

LCD refers to the ordinary liquid crystal display screen.IPS, TFT, and SLCD are all subclasses of LCD. JLT Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces TFT LCD, committed to the design and production of LCD screens.

LCD、OLED、IPS、TFT、SLCD、AMOLED、ULED What are these display technologies? 

AMOLED screen belongs to OLED is more technologically advanced. And AMOLED technology is all in the hands of Samsung, which is also a trump card in the hands of Samsung. It can even be considered that Samsung mobile phones are different from other mobile phones (although mobile phones of different brands have adopted this screen).But it is still essentially a Led-backlit LCD.

The characteristics of these several display technologies


LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display)Monitor

LCD is constructed by placing a liquid crystal cell between two parallel glass substrates, TFT (thin film transistor) on the lower substrate glass, and a color filter is disposed on the upper substrate glass, control the direction of rotation of liquid crystal molecules by signal and voltage changes on the TFT, thereby controlling whether the polarized light of each pixel is emitted or not and achieve the purpose of display.

LCD、OLED、IPS、TFT、SLCD、AMOLED、ULED What are these display technologies? 


Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is also known as organic electro-laser display or organic light-emitting semiconductor. OLED display technology has the advantages of self-illumination, wide viewing angle, almost infinite contrast, low power consumption, and extremely high reaction speed.


The IPS screen is a TFT-based technology, and its essence is still a TFT screen.

The IPS hard screen technology changes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecular particles, and adopts horizontal conversion technology to make the reaction speed of the liquid crystal screen faster and more stable.


TFT full name Thin Film Transistor thin film field effect transistor and is a type of transistor. TFT-LCD uses TFT to control the liquid crystal pixels on the LCD panel.

The TFT-LCD emits light through a Backlight (light-emitting unit), which is turned on and off through the liquid crystal control, and then displays different colors through different RGB color filters.

LCD、OLED、IPS、TFT、SLCD、AMOLED、ULED What are these display technologies? 


SLCD (Splice Liquid Crystal Display), which is a dedicated LCD screen for splicing. SLCD is a high-end derivative of LCD, SLCD is a complete splicing display unit that can be used as a display alone or spliced into a large screen.


AMOLED full name Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode Active matrix organic light-emitting diode. Each pixel on the display panel is a miniature light-emitting diode.


ULED is a marketing term for Hisense, which uses quantum dot technology to expand the color gamut, which is actually the same thing as Sony's Triluminos. But still essentially the LCD of the Led backlight.


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Now mainstream screens can be classified into LCD and OLED. Any other screen (such as iPhone's IPS screen, Samsung's AMOLED screen, SLCD screen) that belongs to these two types of extensions...
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