Tips for reducing industrial touch screen failures

The main causes of industrial touch screen faults are screen hardware problems, wiring problems and system version errors. If it is an industrial capacitor screen, check whether the control card is damaged, whether the appearance is damaged, etc. Here are 10 tips to reduce industrial touch screen failures.

  1. Use the large button as a simple click interface.

Dragging, double clicking, scroll bar, drop-down menu, various windows or other factors will not only confuse some unskilled users, but also reduce users' affinity for products and reduce their efficiency.

  1. Run your application in full screen.

Remove the file name bar and menu bar so you can enjoy the benefits of running the entire screen.

  1. Use bright background color (do not use black).

Bright background color can hide fingerprints and reduce the visual impact of dazzling light. Other background colors keep our eyes on the screen image rather than reflecting it, even in areas without icons and menu options.

  1. Users will get feedback as soon as they touch the screen.

Immediate feedback is important for the user to confirm that the touch has been accepted. The response can be visual, such as a stereo button effect similar to a standard window button. Or you can respond with sound, that is, as long as the user touches the screen, he will hear a "click" or other sound. Ensure that the monitor immediately clears the previous screen and that the screen displays an hourglass icon (or other similar icon) before the next screen appears.

  1. Move the mouse cursor away so that the user can focus on the entire screen instead of the arrow.

The mouse arrow on the screen makes the user want to know, how can I use this arrow to do what I want to do? Remove the arrow, and the user's thinking and behavior will change from indirect to direct. In this way, the real power of the touch screen appears.

  1. When designing the all-in-one self-service query machine, the following factors must be considered.

Do you use an exhaust fan? Place the fan on the top near the outlet of the monitor. Minimize the dust generated during walking and remove the dust on the ground to prevent air from entering the display. Aim the speaker at the user's ear. Please use ELO to query the all-in-one touch screen. Otherwise, you must allow monitors to vary in appearance and size because they change very quickly. The monitor must be installed with a firm base so that it can feel firmly. Finally, choose a polish that can hide fingerprints. Do not use shiny stainless steel, chromium alloy and shiny black paint.

  1. Make your application interesting and fast.

If the system runs slowly, the user will certainly leave. By reacting quickly to their touch, you can lock their attention. The high-speed system will also reduce the occurrence of damage events. Image mode requires too many colors and high resolution, which will only slow down the system. Using more colors is much more efficient than using high resolution.

  1. Digitize conversations with users through applications (through sound cards).

Because the human brain can accept both sound and image, the user interface that can provide sound and touch response is almost magical. Better self-service machine applications take this knowledge to the extreme.

  1. Make your application attractive.

Animation and large fonts help make self-service machines more attractive. In that case, the appearance design of the self-service machine should also be attractive and durable.

  1. Make the application intuitive and simple, and guide users as much as possible.

Let specific people use your touch screen as a test. If users stop because they don't understand, even if it's only for a while, you should also find out what needs to be improved.

These are the top ten tips for prolonging the service life of industrial touch screens.


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