Common voltage problems of LCD display

Many customers in the LCD display industry have one problem or another. Here are some common LCD screen voltage problems.

Question 1: is the voltage of LCD display a stable voltage or a range voltage?

The voltage of LCD screen is stable, that is, a certain value.

Question 2: what is the effect of high or low voltage on LCD?

The supply voltage is too low., The LCD screen display is fuzzy and low definition. If the power supply voltage is too high, the LCD screen will appear ghost, damage the LCD screen, shorten the service life, and even burn directly.

Question 3: what is the general voltage range of LCD display?

The general voltage range is 3-6v. If it is not within the general voltage range, the price of LCD display is too high.

Question 4: does the LCD voltage regulation need to be turned on again?

Adjust the voltage in a small range and make products directly without reopening the mold.


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