Four tips for LCD display storage

Four suggestions for LCD display storage 1. Avoid vibration.  

LCD display is very fragile glass products, should avoid strong impact and vibration.  Do not press the LCD, bump or squeeze the rear cover of the LCD.  

2. Prevent voltage fluctuation.  

Voltage fluctuation will cause LCD display content flicker, resulting in visual discomfort.  Some voltage fluctuations are within the normal voltage range.  However, due to the rapid frequency change, it may also interfere with the normal operation of electronic components or IC on the equipment, or directly burn out in serious cases.  

3. Anti-electromagnetic interference.  

LCD display equipment should be far away from the strong magnetic field environment, the surrounding strong magnetic field will generate additional voltage in the LCD, thus affecting the stability of LCD voltage.  In the strong magnetic field environment for a long time, the display will produce error characters or random spots, which will affect the display effect and service life of LLCD display.  

4. Watch out for moisture.  

Water is the natural enemy of liquid crystal, if the humidity is too high, the LCD display will condense inside, will cause leakage and short circuit, LCD screen will become blurred.  Therefore, the LCD screen should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, and should often be energized, so that the heat energy of the motor operation evaporates the water of the equipment.  

After sharing the above 4 points, I hope to help those who do not understand the unnecessary damage caused by LCD maintenance, reduce the damage caused by human reasons, so as to reduce waste.  


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