Influence LCD display effect of two big factors

What do you usually think of when you think about affecting the performance of an LCD screen?  One seemingly unimportant but important factor is the viewing Angle of the LCD display.   The viewing Angle range of the LCD screen r...



What is the purity of LCD display

What is the purity of LCD screen?  LCD display of liquid crystal purity, said primarily wavelength as auxiliary color, in the form of percentage is defined as the chromaticity coordinates and E illuminant chromaticity coordinates, linea...



Crystal strength tai teach you the rain electronic display waterproof moistureproof method

With the rapid development of social information, the use of display screen is more and more widespread, wet and rainy climate is a major challenge to electronic display screen.  Rainy season how to waterproof moistureproof, outdoor LCD...



What is the effect of low temperature on the LCD screen?

The military enhanced LCD requires a wide ambient temperature range, generally required to work in the temperature range of -2O℃ to 55℃.   However, due to the low temperature of the liquid crystal material, the threshold voltage of the li...



The OLED LCD screen is beautiful but the eye is tired

From intelligent advertising machine to high-end TV, the market of LIQUID crystal display screen is being swallowed step by step, and OLED liquid crystal display screen begins to rise.  The performance of OLED display screen in smart ph...



Capacitive touch screen anti-interference solution

If the anti-interference ability is weak, the touch screen effect of the switch will be affected, such as insensitive touch, inaccurate and other problems, which are very affected by the outside world.   Firstly, we must understand the st...



How to maintain the touch screen?

When we use the touch screen, some faults may occur, such as insensitivity.  When you touch the surface of the screen, touch screen response is slow, may be a touch screen system of the old, the internal clock frequency is too low, or b...



LCD touch screen display working principle

The working part of LCD touch screen display is generally composed of three parts: there are two layers of transparent resistance conductor layer, the isolation layer between the two layers of conductor and electrode.  Resistive conductor layers ...



LCD module side - in backlight and straight - down backlight difference

What is the side entry LED backlight for LCD display modules?   Side-entry backlight is made by placing a line or point light source on one side of a specially designed light guide plate.  The principle of the light guide plate ...